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About Us

Where we came from and where we are going.

At DehcTech, we aim to provide exceptional service at an affordable cost, undertaking almost any project regardless of challeng- because we love challenges!

We are currently serving customers in Delaware, PA, and MD. We like to think that we provide you, and your business, with a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Our company will continue to look for partners to increase our customer base.

Our vision for business is simple. Technology is part of our lives, at home and at our business's. However technology is not everybody lives or business, however, it is ours. We make our hobby and passion available to you. DehcTech is composed of professionals that work full time in different aspects of technology. This keeps us always informed and up to date on the technologies that we work on. This also makes us focused on technology and not sales.


Where we came from
In mid 2000, our first adventure, AplusPlace, was born. Our main focus was initially to gather educational data for the technology hobbyist. Information about technology and certifications was spread around the net and made the search for it time consuming and frustrating. The A+ came from the compTIA certification and Place was added as container for the information. Restraining the information to only A+ was quite limiting to the project, so it soon came to be used as A information and service. Since then the name has been used to provide consulting services in the technology department. Also, A Place has been involved in several Microsoft conferences, webcast's and events. Never to rest and keep progressing as new opportunities appeared, more it has grown.



 Where we are going

With the merge of DehcTech and AplusPlace we want to increase our services as far as possible in order to provide all of our customers with the experience that the company strives to offer. We have taken remote support services across the globe.

Following our vision, we also provide guidance. If we think that a service or product could be obtained at a more value mark, we will point our customers to it, as we have done in the past. Our vision for the business is to be as helpful and insightful to all of our customers as we build new relationships with one another.